Domestic Operations

With both domestic and foreign garment manufacturing, we are your source for all of your garment production!

We have 56,000 square feet of fully automated manufacturing space, in a  fully air-conditioned facility which is centrally located in Chicago. That’s where we design, develop, cut, sew, finish, and ship all our customer products. Our central location gives you the advantage of being able to ship to anywhere in the United States within three days. All of our cutting is done by computers—the  Gerber GtXL cutters--- which can cut up to 45 ply. All of our sewing machines are computerized with servo motors which means we can hold several saved operations at a time.

Off-Shore Operations

Not only do we have domestic manufacturing but we also have partner manufacturing facilities in Mexico, China, El Salvador, Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan. We have partnered with the best manufacturing and fully automated facilities in those regions to provide the best quality garments at the most competitive prices. All of the goods we produce overseas are first developed domestically to ensure the garments are patterned and made perfectly –with just the right measurements and pattern sizes, complete specs and tech packs are developed and the entire package is sent to our factories overseas for production. All production is then quality checked by our auditors in-line and in final audit once again.